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These secrets helped propel my real estate portfolio from 0 - 23 properties in less than 3 years.  I have already paid off four of them! Jeff C., Memphis, TN.
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The problem with most new investors who are looking at real estate to boost their monthly income and retirement prospects is that, not only do they (usually) not have the knowledge to effectively negotiate, close, renovate, and rent real property, but from the beginning they have no idea of how many market forces are effectively arrayed AGAINST them - making their journey much longer and onerous than it needs to be!  Don't fall into the trap that so many newer investors do, of not empowering yourself with the knowledge you need to succeed! In our FREE GUIDE you will learn:

  • Why 30 Year Mortgages Don't Work - Even Though Your Banker Wants You To Believe It Will...
  • Why Buying Grade A Properties Will Only Slow Down Your Journey to Financial Freedom - And Discover Lower Cost Alternatives That Will Help Accelerate You On Your Journey...
  • Why It Is Imperative to See Which Way The Crowd is Running, Then RUN THE OTHER WAY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! - And Other Radical Advice From One of The Nation's Top Real Estate Minds!
  • And SO Much More!:
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What Our Investors are Saying...

"I Couldn't Have Done It Without Discount Property Warehouse's Turnkey System"

Buying my first investment property was so easy, and the in house management made it such a streamlined process...

"Helped me start to see retirement as a reality"

Before I started purchasing investment property my 401k was the only retirement plan I had!

I Never Understood Why I Couldn't Get Ahead Financially and Was Stuck in a "Hamster Wheel"

When I read Robert's book and got my free guide and coaching session, it opened my eyes and made me realize I had been doing EVERYTHING WRONG!

I wish I had started 10 years ago...

If I had, all of my homes would be paid off by now and I would be retired!!!

Eye Opening!

Robert's system and insight into acquiring and building a real estate portfolio is very genuine and I am now a believer!
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Even New York Times Bestselling Author Robert Shemin Had This to Say About Robert Feol and How He Approaches Real Estate:
In life, there are leaders, and there are followers, but long before those groups show up, there are prophets.  Prophets are rare, the stuff of legends.

And when it comes to real estate, Robert Feol is exactly that…Legendary.
You Can Pay Off Houses Just Like We Did!

From the Desk of: Robert C. Feol

Hi friend!  Thank you so much for coming to our site and grabbing your free guide: 7 Secrets You Want to Have With You When You Start Buying Turnkey Properties For Retirement Income.  We put this guide together so investors like you can start to get comfortable with the process of acquiring homes and some insider techniques we use to pay them off way earlier than they are supposed to!
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If you are like most of our clients or readers of The Short Term Retirement Program book, you are unsure of where to start.  The idea of purchasing investment property to you seems daunting, and expensive, and the thought of getting a tenant into a home and them paying(or not) rent is a bit scary.

For every 10 investors who come to our site, about 2 or 3 end up acquiring some real state.  The other 70%?  They don't build a real estate portfolio, and most of them cite the same reason: FEAR.  Fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, or smart enough, to succeed.  They go back to relying on their day job and their IRA or 401k to pull them through.   Readers of the book know how that turns out.

If you have read my book The Short Term Retirement Program you should know by now that pensions are going to fail, there is a discussion of 'nationalizing' IRA's and 401k's, and the stock market is in a big fat bubble, just waiting to burst.  Banks are no longer looking at bail out's, but would rather steal your deposit money through the form of a 'bail in!'  Scary, I know. Yet when we had the 2008 'credit crisis people who owned rental homes, like myself, were relatively unaffected.  Tenant's kept paying the rent as agreed and we kept paying down our debts, while we watched everyone else lose their homes and investment accounts on Wall Street to ponzi mortgages and insurance fraud.

Don't wait another day.  Insulate yourself from future financial upheaval and download your free guide today!  I will throw in a private real estate coaching session with one of my team, for FREE, to help you see what you need to get started and be successful!   

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